students abandoning their faith


Many of us simply don’t understand how to defend the truth of the Christian Worldview or to give answers that will protect our young people from doubt and to know that God’s Word is true. That is why Confound the Wise Ministries exists, to give empirical scientific alternatives that are not taught because of the existing knowledge filter that ignores anything that goes against the long ages and Darwinian Evolution beliefs.

Young people are walking away from Christianity in record numbers. Like it or not, the numbers don’t lie. In survey after survey, most college aged Christians appear to be abandoning their faith, because of doubt, before they become seniors in college.
88% leave the faith according to the 2002 SBC Family Life Council Study.
70% Leave the faith according to the 2007 Life Way Research Study. According to a three year extensive study done by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer in their 2010 book and DVD “Already Gone,” the number has grown to 85% that leave the faith after High School due to doubt (not evidence against) the Word of God, especially the Book of Genesis. Presently the percentage is more than 90%.

The problem is simply that the Christian Worldview is under attack in schools, universities, museums and the media in the United States and around the world. This is not limited to the public schools, more and more of the Christian schools and Universities no longer believe that Genesis is the inspired Word of God, or that the first Adam really existed. If there was no first Adam, and original sin, putting death millions of years before the Biblical account, there was no need for the second Adam, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

According to a 2006 study conducted by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons: 25% of college professors are professing atheists or agnostics (compared to 5-7% in the general population). Only 6% of college professors describe the Bible as the “actual Word of God.” 51% of college professors describe the Bible as “an ancient book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts.” 75% of college professors believe that religion does not belong in public schools.

It is time to address the problem. Many students are walking away from Christianity because they no longer believe it or God’s Word is true. In a survey conducted by sociologists Christian Smith and Melinda Denton, 32% of former believers said they left because of doubt and intellectual skepticism:

Some of the quotes as to why they left the faith because, “It (the Bible) didn’t make sense anymore.” “Some stuff (in the Bible) is too far fetched for me to believe.” “I think, scientifically, and there is no real proof, (that the Bible is true).” “Too many (of my) questions cannot be answered.”

Contact Confound the Wise Ministries to set a lecture date: 831-234-4829 or e-mail Rick: for more information.

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Rick’s conference in Parker, AZ

Pastor Julian contacted Rick and set a lecture date after we attended his fellowship a few times and after watching one of Rick’s lectures online. The church is Calvary Christian Fellowship located at 1512 West Agency Road, Parker, AZ. Rick will be lecturing there on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 9:30am and 6:00pm. Rick will continue to bring the most recent and current scientific data that is increasing daily. The title of the series is “Science and the Bible; What You are not Being Told.”

We have been talking to pastors for future speaking engagements, so please continue to pray for God to open doors and open hearts as we go.

Love and in His service for His glory,
Rick and Susan

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September, 2015

Rick and I so appreciate your continuing prayers and support of Confound the Wise Ministries. I want to write and tell you what the Lord is currently doing through us for His glory.
But first, we want to encourage you to see the movie, “War Room.” It is currently in the public movie theaters and so encouraging for prayer warriors like you. It is one of the best Christian films we have seen, another film, starring Lee Majors that is well worth seeing is “Do You Believe.”
We have a few open doors that need to be confirmed before I share, but here are the two that are in the offing this month:
This Saturday, September 5th-10th, Candlelight Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, ID is flying us up for a conference where Rick will be sharing “Science and the Bible, what you are not being told,” plus a few other subjects. This invite is the results of the Pastor asking the congregation what “hot topic,” they want to hear. Except for two, it was unanimous, they wanted Rick to come, again, and share the current information. You may remember, in 2010 Rick led a group of nearly 100 youth on a fun filled week at Mt. St. Helens as we all camped out at a nearby RV campsite. While there another church, The Altar has invited Rick to speak on Monday night. They are a smaller fellowship and thankful Rick will take the time to minister to them and say they are usually overlooked, so we thank the Lord for this opportunity as well.

Rick is in the process discussing with a youth pastor a date for him to in speak Tucson, AZ. They want us to come and do a youth conference. We will keep you posted when we have a firm date. As you know from the current data I’ve shared in past support letters, the youth is the main target of the enemy to spoil their faith and cause them to leave the church. Likewise, the youth is our main desire to reach and we praise God for this open door. The Tucson youth pastor told Rick that all the youth we ministered to a few years ago have been strengthened in their faith and remain in the church, but now, there is a whole new group of students who are asking questions in the area of Creation/Evolution who have never heard Rick’s lectures and are asking for him to come. So please continue to pray for the youth of the world. Also, pray for safety, strength, wisdom and provision for us as youth groups do not have the funds to donate to us. We never want this to be an issue, we trust God to supply all our needs and we know He answers prayers that are according to His will. Since He called us into this ministry He has provided all we need and we thank Him for His faithfulness and for your faithful prayers and support. One day soon, when we all see Him face to face we will be so blessed by how He glorified Himself through all our joint efforts, only accomplished through His grace and strength. To Him be all glory and praise.

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2015 Spring/Summer journey

Rick and I saw the effect of our journeys. As we traveled, God opened many opportunities in the highways and byways, Rick talked with many individuals at RV camps, diners and gas stations, he gave away many DVDs. At one venue we were assigned a table with one other couple among 1000, as we talked, the wife said she is very interested and took Rick’s card. She is the pastor to the families and children in her church and has personally seen many of the youth leave their faith and the church once they go to college because of the issues Rick talks about. She said she would give the information to the senior pastor. Another blessing was that the places Rick spoke as we traveled across the nation requested he return, but this time, spend several days presenting the information in a conference forum. We saw much fruit in the lives of those who attended. One lady is in the process of receiving her master’s degree in biology, stated, “Thank you for coming, I had turned away from the faith of my parents. I never heard this information before, I checked your sources and I now realize God’s Word is true and I’m choosing to believe Him rather than the opinions in my text books.” One student said, “I’ve been to many of Rick’s lectures and I pay close attention while taking notes…but each time I hear something new that encourages my faith in the Lord and His Word.”
Another wrote in an e-mail: “Thank you for the eye opening information shared … What a blessing for us! I am not an “ologist” but have had many years of biology, pharmacology and physiology under my belt as a Nurse Practitioner (and President of my High School Science Club many years ago). Most of the information you shared was new to me which is frankly embarrassing as I am currently a doctoral student who works in pulmonary research, I am very aware how data can be manipulated but never looked farther than what was taught to me; I took it for fact. I have struggled with science and faith issues and you have helped me to see this struggle in a much different light. Thank you!

I have happily shared your work and have invited my friends to watch your YouTube videos and read your work. Thank you again for teaching us to follow the Word. Safe travels!”
One of the public high school students said he never heard of Charles Darwin, but definitely, all he ever heard of was long ages and the mechanism of natural selection for evolution. As Rick and I discussed this we believe that the science community knows that Darwinism is outdated and no longer relevant so they are not mentioning him anymore. Not to mention the title of his book, “Origin of the species and the Means of Natural Selection and the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life,” is now considered politically incorrect. But according to the current scientist, Eric Pianka, 90% of the population needs to be eliminated, and though God says we are all of “one blood,” (Acts 17:26), racism that began with Darwin’s theory continues to be one of the largest problems of societies around the world as it was in Hitler’s day.

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Confound the Wise Ministries 2015 missionary journey

2014 was a wonderful and fruitful year for Confound the Wise Ministries. Rick and I are currently traveling in our truck and camper for our 2015 missionary journey.

Today Rick joined creation speaker, Jay Segert, and Pastor Chris Quintanna from Calvary Chapel in Cyprus, California for a radio interview with Calvary Chapel Minneapolis, Minnesota’s pastor Chick Chikalis. It was a live broad band radio web cast that is currently heard in over one hundred nations.

Rick will do a lecture series in Wilsey, Kansas June 1-6 for their 5th annual youth conference. Contact person is Pastor Ben Ring of Calvary Chapel Tri City in Tempe, Arizona. youth from many churches in the United States will be attending and helping the community with projects. In the past many youth came to receive Jesus as their Savior after Rick shared the alternatives to the evolutionary world view and the truth from the Bible.

Pastor Seth Wetter from Fargo Calvary Chapel in North Dakota invited Rick to speak in many different venues June 10-15.

We are thankful to return to Calvary Community Church and join Pastor Jeremy Higgins for a conference June 20-21

June 26-28 Rick will join Jay Segert for a creation conference at Calvary Chapel Appleton in Wisconsin with Pastor Dwight Douvle.

July 12-13, Calvary Chapel’s Pastor, Rob Taylor, in Brentwood, Tennessee invited Rick to return and share in a conference entitled: “Science and the Bible; What you are not being told.”

Please pray for safety and provision as we travel and that the Lord would open the hearts and minds as Rick speaks. Through the years, as Rick lectures, and shares the alternatives to the evolutionary world view, the truth of the Bible and Jesus through Whom the world and the universe were created (John 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:16-17) We have seen so many turn from man’s word to begin trusting the Lord and have faith in His Word. Also, many unbelievers have received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Join us as we pray for many more to turn to the Lord and that He will be glorified.

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We are preparing to go out again in March. We remain open to God’s leading and believe our targets this spring and summer are Arizona and California.

Rick’s lectures in January and February were well received, and many were blessed. The first weekend in February Rick and Russ Miller (CEO of CESM ministry) spoke at a conference at Calvary Chapel in Beaumont, CA. The pastor was so encouraged by them that he invited both of them to preach at the three services on Sunday morning following the conference.

Later that week, the pastor called and said that this information needs to be given to a wider audience. He is contacting the Christian groups on the public High School campuses to arrange for Rick to speak at their “breakout” sessions. In that district, during the school week, the students are allowed to go to other locations for “breakout” sessions, to hear speakers on subjects like this. Also, the church’s assistant pastor has arranged a summer camp conference in August for the youth group with Rick and Russ as the speakers.

Recently, we received an e-mail from England that states, “We picked up Rick’s teaching on Radio Free Church, and have been blessed by the clear and forceful teaching of evolution and creation. We are also blessed and encouraged by his (Rick’s) mom’s faithfulness in prayer as we pray for two of our children to turn back to the God of their childhood. In another e-mail this same couple wrote that they are concerned with the diminishing membership and closing churches in England.

On November 12th I read in the USA Today newspaper on page 8A that in Maryland, the state’s oldest church of a denomination, that has been in continuous operation since 1671, is suspending their worship services and closing its doors. We continue to see this effect happening in America as the children leave their faith in God due to doubt in His Word. And that is why Rick and I are going for God’s glory because it is our desire to raise a standard against the deceit that causes doubt in many hearts, “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against Him. Isaiah 59:19”

As we go and many hear Rick’s lectures, we are seeing the faith of our youth restored and the doubt in God’s Word removed. Rick’s lectures affirm that empirical science substantiates God’s Word. Empirical science is science that can be tested and confirmed in the observable present. All other science is based on man’s speculation and opinion and is metaphysical, and thus considered a belief or religion.

In his lectures, Rick gives numerous examples of empirical science. One example he teaches is the difference between macro and micro evolution. This is important because the school text books are filled with examples of micro evolution and then they use these as “evidence” that one species macro evolved into another species. But it is a fact that micro evolution is just change within a species or adaptation. God has put within all living systems the ability to select the good DNA so are able to adapt and therefore they don’t go extinct as quickly as they would if this selection process, micro evolution, were not in place. Micro evolution is empirical evidence that God’s Word is true. After thousands of years and in billions of occurrences, since the beginning of creation (Genesis 1 and Revelation 3:14), kinds have only produced their kind, i.e. cats produce cats and humans produce humans (1 Corinthians 15:39). Scripture is confirmed by micro evolution. On the other hand, Darwinian evolution, or macro evolution, states that one species evolves into another species. Macro evolution has never been observed; for instance, a cat has never evolved into a dog.

In Matthew 24:4 Jesus, talking to His followers who have decided to become His disciples, says, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” And in Acts 17:11 we are told to check Scripture with Scripture rather than with man’s opinion. From these two Scriptures we see that, as Jesus’ disciples, we have a responsibility to choose what to believe. If we choose man’s word, like Rick did when he was taught Darwinian evolution at age fourteen in his high school biology class, we will also be deceived and doubt God’s Word. In Rick’s life and in so many others the results is living a life apart from faith in God. Rick now chooses to believe God’s word because God opened his heart in answer to his mother’s prayers and brought him out of darkness into His kingdom of light to walk in truth.

We trust God to continue to answer the prayers of His people, please pray:

That God would open the doors for the high school “breakout” sessions, and cause many students to attend. That God would open the student’s hearts to hear and believe in Him and His Word.

That God will open doors for Rick to lecture, and that God will open the heart of the listeners to remove their doubt in God’s Word and that they will begin to walk a life of faith in Him, either for the first time, or for any who have left, that they would return to the God of their youth. That the churches would be strengthened rather than diminishing and closing their doors as so many in England and America have like the one in the state of Maryland.
That God would bless and provide all that is needed for Confound the Wise Ministries and for our strength and health to continue as we serve the Lord and continue to go for His glory.

The leak in our camper’s fresh water tank would be detected and fixed.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support. In closing, I read these Scriptures this morning and trust they will bless you.

“At the voice of thy cry; when He shall hear it, He will answer thee.” Isaiah 30:19

“The world passes away…but he that doeth the will of God abides forever.” 1 John 2:17

Jesus said, “If any man serve me, him will My Father Honor.” John 12:26

One of the names of Jesus in Revelation 3:14 is “The Beginning of Creation.”

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in the beginning…

Remembering the beginning and the year of 2011 of the Confound the Wise Ministries…
God called us out on three separate journeys this year covering more than 15,000 miles. As we think back on our 2011 journeys and all God has accomplished, Rick and I are praising the Lord upon every remembrance of you our prayer/support partners. In 2008, when the Lord made it clear we were to leave a paid position and “go as His missionaries” to America and the world, I asked Him to raise up a faithful prayer support base for Confound the Wise Ministries. You, dear friends, are an answer to that prayer.
As many of you know, I was asked to be a prayer partner to an older woman in 1980. Eleven years later her son, Rick, asked me to be his wife and partner with him in serving the Lord. Since we were married in 1991, our prayer has been, “Lord, use us for Your glory.” Since that time, the Lord has given us many opportunities to serve Him as a team. Clara, Rick’s mother was my prayer partner for 26 years till her “coronation” in 2006. Through the years as she and I prayed the Lord showed Himself strong on our behalf. After Rick and I married, because of the prayers, we experienced the, “Good hand of the Lord upon us.” Neh. 2:8) Many of the answers to prayer not only glorified God, but also influenced others to “go for God’s glory, too.” Meanwhile, the spiritual battle has been fierce to try to stop us. But God intervened and blessed our path. The first ministry Rick and I had was working to help build a youth camp for Calvary Chapel in Southern California. Pastor Chuck Smith introduced Rick to Henry Morris who founded Institute for Creation Research, and through them Rick was encouraged to finish his schooling. In 1994 Rick defended his dissertation and earned his PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the University of California. Then,the next fifteen year call from God on our lives was at Mount Hermon Christian Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. This call was to invest our lives as founders to start an outdoor science school which continues to successfully minister to over 5000 middle school children every year.
During the last twenty years, we were invited to participate in many scientific expeditions including Mt. St. Helens with Institute of Creation Research under the guidance of Dr. Steve Austin, as well as the Grand Canyon expedition with both Dr. Austin and Dr. Kurt Wise. Dr. Kurt Wise invited Rick to be part of a Dinosaur dig at the Hanson Research ranch in Wyoming where Rick discovered a Pachycephalosaurus skull. Recently Dr. Wise, now the Science Department Chairman at Truett McConnell College, a Baptist College, invited Rick to join him as a professor at the college in Georgia. This offer touched many areas of desire in us, but after much prayer, we knew we needed to stay the course with Confound the Wise Ministries.
Throughout the last twenty years God has used Rick’s teaching gifts in many venues to hone his speaking skills in ministry. In 2008 when the Lord called us out from Mount Hermon’s Outdoor Science School, I knew the spiritual battle would increase. Rick founded the Confound the Wise Ministries that God has used to disable one of the enemy’s strongholds that has been causing doubt in God’s Word for 150 years, evolution. That’s why I prayed for undergirding prayer warriors. Now because of your faithfulness we have made a difference in many lives for God’s glory as many have replaced doubt with faith in God’s Word. Many have received salvation, and many have been encouraged to go forward with their call from God to glorify Him and the churches have been strengthened.
Since we returned this October from our journies, these are a few comment we’ve received: “We attended a lecture Rick was giving on Creation vs. Evolution. In this college town, it was refreshing to see so many young people responding to evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation, compared to mounting evidence that put Darwinism in doubt. Oftentimes, it is liberating for students to realize they are free to disagree with their professors and explore alternatives, finding reasons to believe God’s Word…When the church strays from teaching the inerrancy of God’s Word, it (the Word) has no power in our lives. But if we believe the first chapter of Genesis, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…and man in His (Own) image…,” it eliminates all doubt of the value and purpose of life, and that what is impossible with man is possible with God.” Another comment was from a college student who attended Rick’s lecture on a college campus: “Dr. Oliver, I greatly appreciated hearing everything that you taught back in October at my college. I am a devout believer in Christ and live for Him every day. I always have a hard time listening to all the lies of evolution. I found it very intriguing that (in your lecture you point out that both creation and) evolution is (are) a faith-based religion(s). So they shouldn’t be shoving it (evolution) down my throat. It is my desire to keep walking in the faith and striving to show the love of Christ to the whole world. I thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in and I ask you to please pray that I receive that same courage.”
Rick and I are looking forward to what God will do in 2012 through Confound the Wise Ministries as we continue to “go for God’s glory.” Through your prayers we go with confidence that the good hand of the Lord will continue to be upon us. Recently, Rick, was invited and accepted an offer to be a speaker for Logos Research Associates on college campuses. You can view our calendar on our website but a few open doors that He is providing are: January 26-29 a “Beginning to End prophecy conference,” at Tri City Calvary Chapel, Tempe, AZ. March 9-11 Rick will join Russ Miller ( at a Creation conference at Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition, July 3-19, Rick and I will be joining a team from Calvary Tucson since Rick has been invited to speak in numerous churches and colleges throughout the country of Ireland. Please continue to pray for strength, wisdom, provision, open doors and hearts as we trust Him to answer our afore mentioned prayer to “use us for His glory.” As we go, also pray that many will see the truth, it is the “Goodness of God leads thee to repentance” (Rom. 2:4).

As you observe the ways of this lost, dark and dying world, let not your heart be troubled. Remember, for such a time as this, you are planted where you are for His glory (Isaiah 63:3). May your Christmas and New Year be blessed as you remember that, all who look for Jesus’ soon appearing will be purify themselves now; and they will receive a crown. (2 Tim 4:8; 1 John 3:3). May you live for His glory as you answer His call in Romans 12:1-2, “That ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Forever His servants,
Rick and Susan Oliver

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November 21,2011: May your Thanksgiving be blessed.

Rick and Russ Miller just lectured, together, at a conference in our own community. It was well attended and we are still hearing positive feedback as to the importance of Confound the Wise Ministries, and Russ and Joanna’s ministry The statistics are astounding, 95% of the youth brought up in strong Christian homes leave the faith by the time they are in college. The reason: doubt in God’s Word in Genesis 1-11. We believe people are welcome to their opinion as long as they keep it in that arena, opinion. We know that adaptation or “micro evolution” is good, empirical (tested and confirmed) science, but Macro Evolution is merely opinion and has no empirical evidence to back it up. Both: Darwinian Evolution that requires “macro evolution, (one species changes into another species, i.e a dog becomes a cat)” as its primary axiom (mutations plus natural selection); and “Long Ages of the earth and man” are adhered to by many scientists, people, and Christians. These Christians call themselves Theistic Evolutions or Progressive Creationists. Adhering to these beliefs, rather than adhering to the Word of God is the root of the problem of creating doubt rather than faith in the minds of the youth. In fact, at age fourteen, doubt is what caused Rick to exchange these theories (man’s opinion) for God’s Word when he turned his back on God. His first day in High School the teacher pointed out that there was no need for a God since Darwin’s teachings show us a “naturalistic” explanation that employs long ages and “Macro Evolution” to account for our origins and all life today that originated from a single cell that required a miracle to spontaneously generate in a “warm little pond.” Even though there has never been one empirical evidence for these long ages, the big bang,or for macro evolution; all secular colleges, museums, and most media productions teach them, including, “Macro evolution” as if they were fact. But the most troubling, is that most Christian Colleges and seminaries dismiss the first 11 chapters of the Bible as stories or fables rather than God’s account of true history, and teach instead, Theistic Evolution or Progressive Creation with long ages for the earth and man. It is not surprising then that these teachings are taught by many pastors and are at the root of the doubt created in the minds of our children. Students that attend “Bible” colleges say, “I’m confused, I don’t know whether I should believe my pastor who agrees with my Christian professor or the Bible.” Rick began to re examine his science as he was eye witness to a series of geologic catastrophic events that took place at Mt. St. Helen’s 1980 eruption. Seven years later, he became a Christ follower. Now he places his faith in God’s Word rather than man’s word, and he has evolved from an evolutionary biologist to a young earth creationist. He is still a biologist, but he trusts His Savior, Jesus, Who has always existed and Who is referred to in Revelation 3:14 as, “the Amen, the faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the Creation of God,” Jesus is the same One Who holds all things together and Who created all we see and all we can’t see out of nothing, recently, in the Beginning (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-3). Both Rick and Russ have powerful lectures that have caused many to change their mind; set aside doubt and choose faith in God’s Word: but as they lecture together, they “knock it out of the park.” As Michael Ruse, a Florida State University professor wrote in his book, we are talking about two faith based religions: Evolutionism and Creationism. We believe people need all the information before they decide where they will put their faith; God’s Word or man’s word, and that is why Confound the Wise Ministries is in existence.

Rick and I want you to be aware of a few resources that are effective tools when reaching individuals in today’s world. The feed back from them have been very encouraging. To begin we’d like to point out that Dr. John Sanford has some interesting resources regarding the declining human genome John’s Phd is in genetics and he was a professor at Cornell University. John points out that in the last five years some startling empirical information has been published by the scientific community regarding the genome project. They found that our human genome is declining at a rate of more than 100 mutations per generation, and it is known that natural selection cannot make a difference with this high rate of deterioration. John, along with several PhD scientists have developed a program on one of the world’s largest computers,the Crea computer, in Los Alamos, NM. After careful computation it was discovered that the human genome can not go further back in history than 8000 years, or we humans would be extinct. Because macro evolution is based on the axiom: mutations plus natural selection this new information empirically falsifies Neo Darwinian Evolution. John and the group of scientists offer a free download of their program at http\\

In his book, “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome,” by Dr. John Sanford, he gives the detailed scientific accounts regarding this startling new information in his field of Genetics. He also produced a forty nine minute DVD, “The Mystery of Our Declining Genes,” available through Creation Ministries International:

Lastly, the thirty three minute DVD, “180,” won the 32nd Annual Telly Award. Please note it does have graphic content. Go to This is a DVD that “will rock your world.” After watching it Rick and I agree, it is one of the most powerful DVDs produced since Ben Stein’s “Expelled, No Intelligence Needed.” You will see people change their minds as the interviewer uses logic, and their own words to bring them to the point of decision on various timely topics. There are several topics and some of them are: the Holocaust that took place in Germany during WW II, abortion, and the question, “where will you spend eternity? heaven or hell.” This movie is one of the most compelling on these topics that we have seen. The full title of Darwin’s book, “Origin of the Species in the struggle for life, and the Preservation of Favored Races.” Racism and abortion are among the many symptoms that are direct effects caused by Darwinian Evolution. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who promotes abortion bought in to Eugenics (favored races). Interestingly, Hitler had one of the most complete collections of Darwinian memorabilia. Today, one of our Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bater Ginsburg was recently interviewed on a public news channel, and when talking about the “Roe vs. Wade,” Supreme Court decision on abortion adopted by America in 1971, she said, I thought it was given so that we wouldn’t have too many of those people we don’t want too many of. These are issues every person needs to logically think through, and then, make decisions based on all of the information. The DVD, “180,” will help in that process in thirty three minutes.

We want to thank you, again, for your part in glorifying our Lord and for your prayers and support of Confound the Wise Ministries. If you know of any churches, schools or venues that would be interested in booking Rick and Russ Miller as a team, please let us know.

In Jesus’ service,

Rick and Susan Oliver

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News update from our 5th Journey: October 31, 2011

It is appropriate to Glorify God on this date, as Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door on this date in the 1500’s, and tomorrow is noted as the Holy day declared as ALL SAINTS DAY.
Rick and I have returned from our 5th journey. The youth conference in NM was cancelled by the people in charge of the public venues. The pastor tried, twice, to obtain a venue. Each time at the last moment he was told that they had double booked. He feels the youth conference needs to be in a public forum, we are praying for an open door in the spring when we go out, again. The Scriptures tell us, that the Holy Spirit closed and opened doors for opportunities to share God’s truth and that satan hindered Paul at times. Please continue to join us in prayer for open doors of opportunity for Rick to lecture for God’s glory.
Our journey to CO and NM was filled with many comments from people who attended the lectures. Many said they were excited to hear what Rick said and they now have confidence that God’s Word is true. They knew this in their heart, but didn’t know the alternatives available to increase their confidence and faith in God’s Word. Many said that doubt has been replaced with faith in God’s Word.
The venue today is based on faith because it is between two religions: Creationism and Evolutionism. These recent comments bring to mind what Jesus warned the religious leaders of His days on earth. Like We all need to take heed and be careful where we place our faith, man’s word or God’s Word. Jesus’ warning to the religious leaders in Mark 7:9 was, “Full well you reject the commandment (Word) of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.” And for Believers, Jesus’ warning to His disciples is still appropriate for us as He said in Matt. 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”
The following excerpts from recent correspondence to us at Confound the Wise Ministries.
“…Reading this (the Oct. 12 prayer/support letter) my heart swelled. You both are doing such wonderful blessings in other’s lives and are beautifully enlightening souls of God…God Bless you and Thank you for delivering the Words of God.
A high school teacher we met at one of Rick’s lectures a few years ago writes, “I’m praying for peaceful camping (for you as you “go”) and that more hearts open to the beauty of God’s truth in His Word!”
A former student from one of the colleges writes, “Hello Dr. Oliver…I attended your talk… at the college…I just wanted you to know, I was really inspired by your presentation. I graduated from college this last April with a major in Anthropology. I am completely fascinated with the subject; however I am also a Christ follower. It isn’t always easy to mix the two, and I often found it very frustrating that (my) teachers would constantly bash anything to do with creationism/religion. It made me feel very weak in my faith at times, but something within in me refuses to let go of the idea of having a Creator. I greatly dislike how the stereotype of faith is taught in school, especially in higher education…I am just astounded with you and your testimony. I especially like that you say all of the information needs to be taught and then it’s up to the individual to form their own opinion. After hearing you talk, it gave me such encouragement and I realized how important it is to know about the two religions based on faith: secular science (evolutionism) and creationism, and by knowing both sides of the equation it truly makes you a stronger person. I basically just wanted to say…Thank you for coming…I really enjoyed your presentation.”
The last three summers Rick and I spent time in Wilsey, KS as Rick, along with many of God’s servants, ministered to the youth. Last summer over 300 youth traveled many miles to help in continuing to restore this community, Each night they were attentive as they attended lectures from the Scriptures. On our first journey to Wilsey, we met this dear brother who was working with the youth there. As he listened to Rick’s lectures there he, personally, saw the youth coming to a renewed faith in God’s Word, many decided to lay aside the doubts in God’s Word adopted from evolution and long ages they’d previously learned from secular science taught in their classrooms, churches, museums, movies and TV. He was so encouraged and continues to encourage us to continue with Rick’s lectures as his following letter indicates. He states, “RICK, YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED AND YOU HAVE A MISSION. PAUL KNEW THE LAW AND THE TRADITIONS OF MEN, WHICH LED THEM ASTRAY FROM THE TRUTH OF GOD, IN THEIR TIME. RICK, YOU KNOW SECULAR SCIENCE…THAT LEADS MEN ASTRAY, IN OUR TIME…AND NOW, LIKE PAUL, GOD IS USING YOU TO OPEN THE EYES OF MEN TO THE LIES OF EVOLUTION AND LONG AGES. YOU ARE A MAN OF VALOR IN GOD’S SIGHT AND YOUR WIFE IS A WONDERFULL BLESSING BY YOUR SIDE IN YOUR GOOD FIGHT FOR THE FAITH AND THE TRUTH. MARCH ON SOLDIERS, FOR THE WAR IS ALMOST OVER (OUR LORD IS RETURNING SOON.) YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY PRAYERS BROTHER IN CHRIST, JESUS… I WILL BE TRAVELING TO WILSEY, KANSAS…GOD’S TIMING IS PERFECT…I AM BEING LEAD TO HELP IN THE MINISTRY AT WILSEY, KS. I AM DOING THIS TO CONTINUE THE VISION THAT GOD HAS ESTABLISHED THE PAST THREE YEARS IN THAT COMMUNITY. NO LONGER DO WE WRESTLE AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, AS YOU BOTH KNOW…..EPH. 6:12. HIS DELIGHT IS TO ENLIGHTEN AND EMPOWER US TO THE GOOD WORKS OF JESUS WHO IS NOW ON THE THRONE IN HEAVEN… EPH. 2:15-23. AS GOD LEADS, PRAY FOR ME.”

So dear friend, please continue to pray, we are not only counting on this, we know without prayer, we would not be making a difference, But through your prayers and support you join us and fruit is added to your account in heaven. One day very soon we will be in the presence of our dear Savior, and you will join us in praise that He and our Father has received glory from all our obedience to Him.

Rick and Russ Miller will be speaking at a conference in our community, Tonto Basin, AZ Nov. 13-15th at 6:30 pm, pray God will bring many to hear, and open their hearts to His truth.

Love, Rick and Susan Oliver

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4th Journey update

Rick and I returned home from our fourth Journey in September. We were gone from May-September 2011 and have much joy in the Lord for all He did in changing hearts and minds and encouraging the Believers as Rick ministered from Arizona to Georgia. We thank God for His immeasurable grace that carried us all the way. We began with a Creation conference with Ken Ham and Rick as the exclusive speakers for the event in Tucson, AZ. Then we traveled to NM, Rick had many speaking engagements there that kept us in NM for a month. There were wild fires burning in Northern Arizona all the while and the smoke in the sky was a reminder that our time is short here on earth, so we need to do all the Lord calls us to as He directs our path. Then we spent a while in Durango, CO where Rick returned to speak at a church he lectured in on our first journey in 2009. From CO we traveled to KS where Rick was one of the speakers for the third year at a youth conference in Wilsey, KS. What a joy it was to hear the difference this conference and work week made in their lives and hearts as well as in the community. Nearly 300 youth attended that conference. We returned to Cedar Rapids, IA where the church had rented a bulletin board along the highway and broadcast on the radio; as a result many came that had never heard of the alternatives to evolution that are available through Rick’s lectures. We then returned to our friends at a church in Louisville, KY. We visited with family in Kentucky, and Rick spoke at a church near Kentucky Lake; then on to three different churches in Tennessee, with a few days at Truet McConnell College in Georgia and time with our friends Dr. Kurt Wise and his wife, Maria.

This journey, more than any other, many people from local high schools and colleges and many with earned P.hDs came to hear what Rick had to say on the subject. Many said as a result of Rick’s talks they have left their long standing Theistic Evolution and long ages beliefs and have chosen believe in a recent creation just as described in the Bible. They said their doubts in God’s Word were dispelled while Rick lectured.

Also, as we went, a few pastors asked if we could return in October, 2011. We said, yes, and leave for Durango, CO and NM in mid October. Click on the upper calendar icon for dates and times.

Here are some excerpts from a few of the pastors from the churches Rick lectured in this summer: “Our entire congregation enjoyed your ministry…You were sensitive to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit as you shared in Word and content, and related in a way they could understand easily. I believe you gave them realistic ways they could appropriate the Word of God for specific areas of their lives to begin to see the answers they have been seeking. While I’m careful of who stands behind the pulpit to minister, rest assured that I felt very comfortable as you shared your ministry with the people, and look forward to your return soon to minister as God leads.” Another pastor who asked Rick to come back to do a multi church youth conference stated, “Earlier this summer we had a beautiful brother in the Lord…Dr. Rick Oliver come to equip our saints with the (alternatives and the) truth about evolution and creation. I have studied these subjects for a few years on my own and I was blown away by what I learned from Dr. Oliver’s presentations at our church. His style is not one of arrogance or rudeness, but one of humbly presenting the facts that straight forwardly debunk false teaching on these subjects.”

One of the churches gave us a few days to rest at one of the most beautiful conference sites, Fairhaven, we have visited. Fairhaven Ministries Retreat is tucked away in beautiful Roan Mountain, TN It has many Rhododendrons and pine trees with streams and waterfalls. We were able to spend quality time with the founder, Charles Shepson and his wife Coleen. What a delight in every way.

Please continue to pray as we “go” that God would open and close the doors of opportunity and that He would continue to open hearts as Rick lectures.

Russ Miller and Rick will team up at a few conferences, one is the multi church youth conference in October in Estancia Valley, NM and several other conferences in 2012.

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