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A note from Chuck Smith

November 11, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Rick Oliver and his ministry for many years. First as an employee at our Youth Camp, then as he set up a Science Education program for Mount Hermon Conference Center. Rick has recently started a new ministry, “Confound The Wise” in which he goes around to different churches and groups to present an excellent defense for the accuracy of the Bible from a scientific standpoint. In these days when there seems to be so many unfounded attacks on the Bible from the worldly science community, that have damaged the faith of many, it is vital that our people receive sound scientific evidence as to the accuracy of the scriptures concerning creation and other issues. Rick comes from a solid science background, and is well qualified to talk to our people on these issues, in order to reaffirm their faith in the Word of God. I believe that you and your church will be greatly benefited by Rick’s presentation.

IN Christ

Pastor Chuck Smith

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

3800 South Fairview Rd. Santa Ana, CA 92704 Phone (714) 979-4422

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Support for Confound The Wise Ministries

For those of you who do not know that this new Ministry, “Confound The Wise” is fully dependant on Christian Support for all of our financial and Prayer needs. My wife Susan and I have taken a great leap of faith to step out as Missionaries at this time in our lives.I it with sincere Thankfulness to those who have already sent us support and prayer that has allowed us to manage thus far. You can read our Mission Statement on this blog to find out more details of our beliefs. My goal is to spend a large part of the year on the road speaking on Science and Creationisom at churches, Camps and schools al around the country as well as Europe. I have teamed up with Roger Oakland at “understand The Times Ministries” to do conferences as well as with “Calvary Way Ministries, with Don McClure and Calvary Chapel Tri-City in Tempe Arizona. You can check these Ministries out on the links to this web page.

I am attaching a copy of our support Card for those of you that would like to Join in supporting this Ministry finacially or by Prayer or both.

Thank You all for all you do to support this Mimistry.

Rick and Susan Oliver

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