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We are making a difference in many lives

As we travel with the message that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end, the comment we hear most often is, “Thank you for giving us this information; I have never heard these viable alternatives to the teachings of Darwinian Evolution and the long ages taught from the geologic column. You have helped me to continue to have faith in God despite all I hear in the media, school, and museums.”

Saturday, September 24th, Rick will be the speaker from 9-11:30am at a conference held and supported by five local churches. The location is Christ Church, 15555 E. Bainbridge Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ 85269; phone: 1-480-837-3121. Recently, Rick spoke at one of the churches and the pastor said he felt this information is so vital he would speak to the other pastors and this is the results of all our prayers.

The following is a quote is from a fourth year aerospace engineering student at a California University who attended Rick’s lectures at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, California in 2012: “I had a fledgling faith in Christ and was incredibly science-oriented growing up, so an old universe was my presupposition for most of my life. I’ve had a huge strength and comfort in God’s word during my time here at college, because I now understand God is my Creator and that his word is the truth. I have confidence his word is true whether or not I doubt it. Thank you guys for keeping the faith and pursuing your mission in spite of opposition and difficulties…How full is your schedule over the next year or two? Would you consider coming out to speak in San Luis Obispo if arrangements were available? It’s been on my heart for a few years to ask if you guys would ever want to come out to the San Luis Obispo area and share the wisdom from God you have about young earth creationism and the validity of God’s word…I know you guys really bolstered my faith, and I want to see my friends/brothers and sisters in the Lord have that same confidence. I don’t personally feel equipped to give such a presentation, nor do I have the credentials. Please consider a trip to San Luis Obispo.”

This note is from a retired teacher: “I just wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me personally. In the past I have cowered at the table during discussions with my educated uncle who believes in the new age teachings of churches that the world evolved over millions of years and people did evolve from apes and we are still “evolving”, but thanks to the fact that we only live a minute amount of time, we’ll never see the next step of evolution. He has two PHDs and is definitely educated beyond his intelligence (that’s how my dad, a devout Christian, always described him). I can’t get him to even listen to anything that Rick has on tape or even check out Russ (Miller) or others. Most of my family (and all of his living sisters and brothers)…all believe the Bible… I just pray for him. He’s getting really old and I’m afraid his time is near and I really don’t want to see him pass without believing…I just wanted you to know that although I can’t support you with money, I am continuing to support you in prayer. God bless you”

This note is from a precious mother who attended Rick’s lecture at The Home Church in Lodi: It was such a treat to meet the two of you. I can’t explain it but you revived something in me and I’m so thankful for it. It is such a blessing to meet people who are on top of topics like the two of you are. Thank you again for the DVD. You already hold a special place in my heart. I will pray for your ministry and I hope you have safe travels home.”

This note is worth repeating from one who attended Rick’s lecture last year in Tennessee. Thank you for the eye opening information shared at Calvary Chapel Brentwood. What a blessing for us! I am not an “ologist” but have had many years of biology, pharmacology and physiology under my belt as a Nurse Practitioner (and President of my High School Science Club many years ago). Most of the information you shared was new to me which is frankly embarrassing as I am currently a doctoral student who works in pulmonary research, I am very aware how data can be manipulated but never looked farther than what was taught to me; I took it for fact. I have struggled with science and faith issues and you have helped me to see this struggle in a much different light. Thank you!”

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students abandoning their faith


Many of us simply don’t understand how to defend the truth of the Christian Worldview or to give answers that will protect our young people from doubt and to know that God’s Word is true. That is why Confound the Wise Ministries exists, to give empirical scientific alternatives that are not taught because of the existing knowledge filter that ignores anything that goes against the long ages and Darwinian Evolution beliefs.

Young people are walking away from Christianity in record numbers. Like it or not, the numbers don’t lie. In survey after survey, most college aged Christians appear to be abandoning their faith, because of doubt, before they become seniors in college.
88% leave the faith according to the 2002 SBC Family Life Council Study.
70% Leave the faith according to the 2007 Life Way Research Study. According to a three year extensive study done by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer in their 2010 book and DVD “Already Gone,” the number has grown to 85% that leave the faith after High School due to doubt (not evidence against) the Word of God, especially the Book of Genesis. Presently the percentage is more than 90%.

The problem is simply that the Christian Worldview is under attack in schools, universities, museums and the media in the United States and around the world. This is not limited to the public schools, more and more of the Christian schools and Universities no longer believe that Genesis is the inspired Word of God, or that the first Adam really existed. If there was no first Adam, and original sin, putting death millions of years before the Biblical account, there was no need for the second Adam, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

According to a 2006 study conducted by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons: 25% of college professors are professing atheists or agnostics (compared to 5-7% in the general population). Only 6% of college professors describe the Bible as the “actual Word of God.” 51% of college professors describe the Bible as “an ancient book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts.” 75% of college professors believe that religion does not belong in public schools.

It is time to address the problem. Many students are walking away from Christianity because they no longer believe it or God’s Word is true. In a survey conducted by sociologists Christian Smith and Melinda Denton, 32% of former believers said they left because of doubt and intellectual skepticism:

Some of the quotes as to why they left the faith because, “It (the Bible) didn’t make sense anymore.” “Some stuff (in the Bible) is too far fetched for me to believe.” “I think, scientifically, and there is no real proof, (that the Bible is true).” “Too many (of my) questions cannot be answered.”

Contact Confound the Wise Ministries to set a lecture date: 831-234-4829 or e-mail Rick: [email protected] for more information.

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No longer walking with the Lord

God called Rick and me to encourage others to believe and walk according to God’s Word rather than “…science falsely so called. 1Tim. 6:20.”

After Rick’s lectures many have said now they were on the same page with God and that His Word is truly believable from Genesis to Revelation and now they are walking with God again. Amos 3:3 states, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” As our hearts beat with God’s heart we will walk together with Him and other Believers, glorifying Him as He uses us.

A few years ago we were with Dr. Steve Austin on a scientific expedition that proved the nautiloid fossils were laid down catastrophically covering an area so vast it includes four states. We believe this is evidence that confirms a world encompassing flood as declared in the Bible as the Noadic flood
(Gen. 6-9). During our conversation he stated that of all his christian friends who hold PhD’s in science who are theistic evolutionists no longer walk with the Lord. This fact shows compromising God’s Word leads us on a path away from Him.

It occurred to me as I was praising God for opening so many hearts to His freeing Truth that many hearts are beginning to beat with His heart, resulting in changed lives. Many have received salvation for the first time, or now say they want to serve Him and work to reconcile others to His ways and His Word. They have become sheep want to produce sheep.

Our enemy, satan, knows very well that divided a house falls. Satan’s lies and deception have caused many to “think” they believe God and are walking with Him, but unless we choose to believe ALL He has written from Genesis to Revelation, we call God a liar, and do not agree with God. Satan attempts to cause doubt as he shoots at Genesis which is our foundation in the Word of God. He has caused many to doubt God’s Word in the beginning with the lie of macro evolution (life from non life). When we agree with God we stand with Him against the “father of lies, (satan).” But when we choose to believe satan’s lies rather than the Word of God, we stand with satan; thereby calling God a liar. Romans 3:4 states, “let God be true and every man a liar.”

We agree with our Creator God that His Word is true and by faith walk in the truth…walking together with Him and each other.
Thank you for joining us in prayer and support as we “go,” with the purpose of glorifying God.

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1976 Science Resolution

In 1976 The science community adopted a “Science Resolution” that is much like the doctor’s Hippocratic oath. But today, if you tried to find it you would have difficulty, why? Because it was adopted in 1976 just as technology was increasing at lightning speed. The thought was technology will catch up and prove we are right in our macro evolutionary beliefs (life comes from non life, and all are connected as shown from Darwin’s theoretical tree of life). The problem is, technology did catch up and has shown, empirically, that information does not originate by itself in matter. Also, all of life has design built into its individual DNA that is not connected to other kinds (dogs, cats etc.) Though the 1976 Science Resolution states that a scientist may go wherever his research leads without retribution or job loss, many people have lost not only their jobs, but are black balled and unable to work in their fields any longer. (Ben Stein interviewed many of these people in his film “Expelled, no intelligence needed,” available at Blockbuster for rental, or through Answers in Genesis for purchase.)

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Dr. Rick Oliver’s Promotional Video

Check out Rick’s promo video:

[youtube IgdsfgI4gXY]

Link to Rick’s video on YouTube

We leave 11/25/09 for England (11/25-12/2) Egypt/Israel (12/2-18). Check out our calender. Please pray for travel, Rick’s lectures, especially on Saturday, Nov. 28 at 2pm and 8pm.

Reminder: Rick was invited to join the scientists at Logos Research Associates. Check out one of our links to top creation scientists.

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God at work

The following is an e-mail that I received after one of my lectures:

Hi Dr. Rick

“Just wanted to let you know that tonight was the last Alpha meeting and over the last two sessions, many of the kids gave their lives to the Lord. Some of the kids said that a turning point in their decision on God came after your discussion/presentation.  You have a wonderful message for kids at this vulnerable age and I’m so grateful to you for helping minister to our Alpha Group.”

God Bless you and your wife

Kathi Andonian

I am so grateful to God for the Blessing of being used by Him to spread the TRUTH of his Word.

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Mission Statment

The Mission and purpose of “Confound The Wise Ministries” is :

To Proclaim the True and Unerring Word of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures within the Realm of Modern Science and Technology.

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Apeman or Just Another Peculiar Ape

The interpretation of fossil bones depends entirely on the worldview of the researcher. The theory of human evolution requires one or more missing links. Many so called missing links have been suggested in this post-Darwin era. None have stood the test of honest, rigorous investigation and all have turned out to be from either an extinct ape or an extinct human. The fossil evidence does not foster belief in the existence of ape men , nor that man is the product of evolution. Man was directly created by God and in the likeness of God, not in the likeness of an ape.

Christians who fall for the lie of evolutionary thinking that ape-men once inhabited the earth and that God chose one of these to be “Adam” are denying the truth of God’s word and the truth of true science.

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