“In a world where many adults receive their science education from newspapers and television, a great deal of misinformation about global warming exists. The media is quite skilled at making highly untenable predictions of doom and gloom appear credible. The inaccuracies about how humans inadvertently warm the earth’s tenuous atmosphere so pervade popular culture that the actual science behind this notion is hardly given a second chance.”

Jeff Halverson, Ph.D.
Education and outreach Scientist NASA,
Associate Professor University of Maryland.
Weatherwise Magazine, August 2005

This is a great book on the Global Warming controversy. The author Patrick J. Michaels Ph.D. is a very outspoken Climatetologist and critic of human caused global warming.

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Faith Undone

I have had the opportunity to read the book Faith Undone by Roger Oakland. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Emerging Church. This web site is linked to Roger’s at Understand the Times.

I will be speaking at Victory Life Church March 15th and 16th. I will be covering a variety of subjects but I will focus on the Global Warming issues. My goal is to try to separate the facts from the fiction in a Christian Prospective.

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Apeman or Just Another Peculiar Ape

The interpretation of fossil bones depends entirely on the worldview of the researcher. The theory of human evolution requires one or more missing links. Many so called missing links have been suggested in this post-Darwin era. None have stood the test of honest, rigorous investigation and all have turned out to be from either an extinct ape or an extinct human. The fossil evidence does not foster belief in the existence of ape men , nor that man is the product of evolution. Man was directly created by God and in the likeness of God, not in the likeness of an ape.

Christians who fall for the lie of evolutionary thinking that ape-men once inhabited the earth and that God chose one of these to be “Adam” are denying the truth of God’s word and the truth of true science.

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