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Many of us simply don’t understand how to defend the truth of the Christian Worldview or to give answers that will protect our young people from doubt and to know that God’s Word is true. That is why Confound the Wise Ministries exists, to give empirical scientific alternatives that are not taught because of the existing knowledge filter that ignores anything that goes against the long ages and Darwinian Evolution beliefs.

Young people are walking away from Christianity in record numbers. Like it or not, the numbers don’t lie. In survey after survey, most college aged Christians appear to be abandoning their faith, because of doubt, before they become seniors in college.
88% leave the faith according to the 2002 SBC Family Life Council Study.
70% Leave the faith according to the 2007 Life Way Research Study. According to a three year extensive study done by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer in their 2010 book and DVD “Already Gone,” the number has grown to 85% that leave the faith after High School due to doubt (not evidence against) the Word of God, especially the Book of Genesis. Presently the percentage is more than 90%.

The problem is simply that the Christian Worldview is under attack in schools, universities, museums and the media in the United States and around the world. This is not limited to the public schools, more and more of the Christian schools and Universities no longer believe that Genesis is the inspired Word of God, or that the first Adam really existed. If there was no first Adam, and original sin, putting death millions of years before the Biblical account, there was no need for the second Adam, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

According to a 2006 study conducted by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons: 25% of college professors are professing atheists or agnostics (compared to 5-7% in the general population). Only 6% of college professors describe the Bible as the “actual Word of God.” 51% of college professors describe the Bible as “an ancient book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts.” 75% of college professors believe that religion does not belong in public schools.

It is time to address the problem. Many students are walking away from Christianity because they no longer believe it or God’s Word is true. In a survey conducted by sociologists Christian Smith and Melinda Denton, 32% of former believers said they left because of doubt and intellectual skepticism:

Some of the quotes as to why they left the faith because, “It (the Bible) didn’t make sense anymore.” “Some stuff (in the Bible) is too far fetched for me to believe.” “I think, scientifically, and there is no real proof, (that the Bible is true).” “Too many (of my) questions cannot be answered.”

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